Urinary Catheter Care Training Course
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Nationwide Urinary Catheter Care Training

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This training Urinary Catheter Care Training Course is aimed at health care professionals who are working in healthcare facilities. The course teaches healthcare staff on how to manage and change different types of urinary catheters. 

The catheter care training course can be delivered onsite or offsite as required in Cork and Nationwide. The course is delivered by registered Doctor.

Urinary Catheter Care Training Course

Entry criteria: Practicing Health Care Provider 

Session 1 Theory:

Infection control 

Aseptic techniques

Indications for catheterisation

Methods of catheterisation (permanent and intermittent)

Selection of catheters & sizing

Complications of catheterisation and dealing with blockages

Care of the suprapubic and indwelling catheter

Consent (informed, expressed and implied consent)



Session 2 Practical:


Communication and obtaining consent 

Infection control procedures with aseptic techniques 

Demonstration of selection of different types of catheters 

Insertion and removal of different types of the catheters (intermittent, permanent) on female and male manikins

All group practicals are carried out on a Laerdal interchangeable male / female training manikin 

Practical assessments

MCQ Exam