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Sunday 25th August 2024 Urinary Catheterisation Training Course Deposit

This Urinary Catheter Care Training Course is aimed at health care professionals and can be carried out nationwide.

Urinary Catheter Care is a commonly performed procedure in healthcare settings. To perform these procedures well and to a safe standard it requires staff to have training to be competent in these areas.

This training includes both theory and interactive practicals with plenty of time to practice your techniques.

The Urinary Catheter Care Training Course can also be delivered to companies for private training Nationwide. The course is delivered by registered G.P.s. 

Sunday 25th August 2024 Cork 

100€ Booking fee can be secured on this page

Course Cost 250€ ( 150€ made payable on the day )

Urinary Catheter Care Training Course 

Entry criteria: Health Care Provider ( Healthcare Assistant, Nurses etc )

Course Duration: 2pm - 5.30pm


Award: Certificate with Irish Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland 7, CEUs


Course Content:

  • Introduction

  • Infection Control 

  • Aseptic Techniques

  • Consent 

  • Indications for Catheterization

  • Selection of catheters and sizing

  • Methods of Catheterization 

  • Insertion of different types of male & female catheters

    >Foley Catheter ( Indwelling Catheter ) 
    >Intermittent Catheter  
    >Suprapublic Catheter

  • Complications of urinary catheterization

  • Catheter irrigation and blockages 

  • Care of the urinary catheters

  • Catheter Removals 


Venue location can be viewed on the main Urinary Catheter page here

Sunday 25th August 2024 Urinary Catheterisation Training Course Deposit

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