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Immunisation & Vaccination Training Course 

Nursing And Midwifery Board of Ireland (N.M.B.I) Approved
Ireland's Only Recognised  & Approved
Immunisation & Vaccination Training Course

N.M.B.I 8 Continuing Education Unit's (C.E.U's) Awarded 

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Irelands only approved Immunisation & Vaccination Training program is aimed at people working in health care. Entry criteria is listed below. The program is delivered practically onsite by G.P to ensure learning for the student. To perform these procedures well and to a safe standard it requires staff to have ongoing practical training to be competent in these areas. 

Immunisation & Vaccination Course

Entry criteria: Health Care ( Pharmacist, Nurse, HCA, Doctor, EMT's / Paramedic, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists. ) 
G.P Assistants may also attend.

Course Duration: 1 Day - 9.15am - 14pm


Award: Certificate Irish Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland in immunization & Vaccination 

Included Certification: Anaphylaxis 

Course Cost: 250€

Sat 13th April 24 Cork City   100€ Deposit can be secured here

Sat 22nd June 24 Cork City   100€ Deposit can be secured here


Venue location & details listed below

Course Content:

  • Introduction

  • Communication Skills, informing & gaining consent

  • Anatomy & Physiology 

  • Anaphylaxis Recognition & Management 

  • Primary childhood vaccinations  

  • School vaccinations 

  • Intranasal Flu vaccinations for children aged 2 to 12 years old

  • Seasonal Flu & COVID vaccinations 

  • Pneumococcal vaccine for adults 

  • Vaccinations for pregnancy 

  • Vaccinations in immunocompromised people 

  • Injection Sites & Selection 

  • Injection Site Complications

  • Infection Control 

  • IM Techniques - Z Track 

  • IN Techniques 

  • Information, Storage & Record Management 

  • Practical in Equipment Selection & Preparation 

  • Practical in Management & Storage of equipment & Vaccines

  • Practical in IM Injection & Sharp Management

  • Open Discussions

  • Close 

The Importance of Immunisation & Vaccination.


Immunisation protects the entire population. The present and future generations to come. This happens through eradication of the most deadly diseases by means of our effective immunisation & vaccination programs.

These comprehensive, global immunisation programmes set out by the

World Health Organisation (W.H.O) aim to have 95% of the population vaccinated with by means childhood vaccinations and 75% of the population by means of influenza vaccines.


Immunisation is a process by which a person's immune system is fortified against the disease. It is a cost effective and a safe health intervention.


Humans have a long history of communicable diseases. There are records of smallpox infecting people 10000 years ago. Inoculations against it were described as early as 6th century BC.

Modern era of immunisation started at 18th century when Edward Jenner observed that infected cows with cowpox (a less potent form of smallpox) became immune to smallpox.

He inserted a pus taken from Sarah Nelmes, a milkmaid with cowpox, into a local boy, James Phillips. When exposed to smallpox, the boy’s immune system successfully fought the disease.

The last case of smallpox was recorded in 1977. The W.H.O declared it eradicated in 1980.

This was once the most deadliest disease in Europe, killing about 400 000 people annually. Due to a effective immunisation & Vaccination programme fortunately this disease does not exist anymore. 

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Location: SMA Wilton Parish Centre,

Training Rooms, Wilton, Cork.

( Across from Cork University Hospital ) 

Free Parking - See the Google map link at the bottom of this page to the parking entrance.
Once entering the above entrance, follow the narrow road all the way around until you see car park spaces.

Entrance of free car park Google Map Link:


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