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Oxygen Therapy Training
Cork | Dublin | Limerick

Oxygen Therapy Training    

Oxygen Therapy Training Course Cork Dublin Limerick.png

This Oxygen Therapy Training Course is for health care professionals who deal with oxygen in their place of work.  This course gives the student knowledge and expertise in how to safely use oxygen in therapy.

Course: Oxygen Therapy Training Course

Course Duration: Half day

  • Introduction 

  • Anatomy

  • Airway & breathing  physiology 

  • Special populations

  • Patient Assessment

  • Spo2 Monitoring 

  • Oxygen Therapy Guidelines 

  • Oxygen usage in emergency & non emergency settings 

  • Oxygen Masks

  • Oxygen Cylinders 

  • Oxygen Safety 

Certification: Oxygen Therapy Training Certificate

Certificate Valid for 2 Years  

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