Emergency Doctor Event Medical Cover Ireland

Need A Doctor To Cover Your Sports Event? We have you Covered!

Emergency Doctor Event Medical Cover 

Our Emergency Doctors provide medical cover for all types of sporting events in Ireland from Horse riding to Soccer. Our Doctors are able to clinically assess, diagnose, treat and support patients in the field. 

Cardiac Support

  • Defibrillation with  advanced drug administration 

  • Advance post resuscitation care 

  • Heart attack management with advanced drug administration 


​Respiratory Support 

  • Asthma support with advanced drug administration 

  • Pneumothorax management & treatment 

  • Advanced choking treatment

Neurological Support


  • Concussion assessment 

  • Seizure treatment with advanced drug administration  

Bleeding Control 

  •  Advanced bleeding management with haemostatic agents

  • Intravenous fluid resuscitation   


Musculoskeletal Support  

  • Spinal Assessment & Mobilization  

  • Fracture Assessment & Management 

  • Advanced pain relief