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Cardiac Screening Services

Cardiac screening for sports clubs & schools delivered nationwide

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Cardiac Screening

As recommended by the GAA's Medical Scientific Committee cardiac screening is advisable for all sports player​s ​over​ the age of​ 14. The national register recently reported that Ireland has a higher rate of sudden arrhythmic deaths than​ many ​other european countries. 

Why it is important to be screened?

The main reason for cardiac screening is to help early identify a cardiac abnormality that could cause sudden death. In Italy it is mandatory that all players that are involved in competitive sport be screened by a Doctor prior to sporting activities each year. This practice has helped reduce mortality related to sudden arrhythmic deaths by up to 89%.

What is the procedure?

Testing takes approx 20 mins and is a pain free procedure. During the test the Doctor will take a history and family history questionnaire. (If under 16 years of age the need to be accompanied by parent or guardian would be needed). Results are given on the day of testing. 

Testing Procedure:

During the test a series of 10 non invasive stickers are placed on the chest and limbs to record an electrocardiogram. The recording will give a detailed analysis of the heart’s electrical and mechanical function. The hearts valves will then be assessed by a stethoscope for any pathological findings. The blood pressure will then be analyzed along with distal pulses. Finally a consult / report from our Doctor.

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