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Restrictive Practice Training 
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Restrictive Practice Training     
Restrictive Practice Training Course Cor

This restrictive practice training course is for any person working within the healthcare & nursing areas, or any other profession
where restrictive practice could be required as a last resort. Restrictive practices can occur in many different ways. It is important that students are aware of these practices and informed of how these practices can illegally occur in the workplace. 

Course: Restrictive Practice Training Course

Course Duration: Half day

  • Introduction 

  • Law

  • Clinical Accountability

  • Consent

  • Enabler vs Restriction

  • When restraint use is not permitted 

  • When restraint use is permitted

  • Seclusion

  • Chemical restraint

  • Mechanical restraint

  • Physical restraint

  • Restricted access 

  • Power control 

  • Consequence control

  • Guidance on lap belts

  • Guidance on bed rails

  • Guidance on profiling beds

  • Clinical governance 

  • The resident assessment

  • The care of the resident during the period of restraint

  • Restraint procedure in an emergency situation

  • Review procedures

Certification: Restrictive Practice Training Certificate

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