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Local Anaesthetic Training Course

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Local Anaesthetic Training Course

In Association With Podiatry Ireland  



Sunday 26th May

Course Duration:  10am - 14.30pm

Location: Tullamore Court Hotel 

Booking through Podiatry Ireland 

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> Certificate Local Anaesthetic Training Course 
> Certificate Anaphylaxis 

> Certificate Irish Heart Foundation BLS


Course Content: 


• Communication Skills, informing & gaining consent

• Management of anxious patients.

• Anatomy & Physiology. 

• Indications and contraindications for the use of LA.

• Instruction on how to deliver painless local anaesthetic. 

• Selection of different local Anaesthetics.

• Local Anaesthetics Pharmacology. 

• Failure of local anaesthetics.

• Recognition and management of local anaesthetics complications in Practice.

• Anaphylaxis recognition and management.

• Adrenaline administration  - autoinjectors practical.

• Adrenaline ampoule draw up and administration practical.

• Irish Heart Foundation Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers.
  - BLS Part 1 theory online (Approx 1 Hour 40 mins to complete)  You will be sent a email in due course with instructions on how to engage with part 1.
Part 1 needs to be completed before part 2 takes place.

  - BLS Part 2 practical carried out on the training day with us. 

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